Alondra Castro Urieta

Alondra Castro Urieta

I am a Software Engineer with 5 years of experience and a demonstrated command of entrepreneurship and the financial industry. I have been working in different countries and environments. I love working in multicultural teams and technological based companies.

My home is where there are good vibes and a good coffee to share.

Some of my last years activities that I liked the most


Undoubtedly a very important aspect in software engineering is devops, which is increasingly in demand. I work mostly AWS, Digital ocean among others.


I love the world of possibilities with javascript, is amazing, from frontend to backend, machine learning, etc. I work mostly with technologies like react, node, Next.js among others.


I really enjoy entrepreneurship. Few years ago I launched a startup and eventually I will do it again. Stay tuned.


I love languages, I speak Spanish, English and French, I took a little Chinese in China but I have forgotten almost everything :C


I am not an expert at all but I find the world of investments fascinating. I read, take online courses and I'm experimenting. One step at a time.


I love getting involved in volunteer, courses, hiking, entrepreneurship, etc. I tried in every city I could and I have met wonderful people.