Is Digital Nomad life for me?

Is Digital Nomad life for me?

let's dive into that...

Leaving everything behind is not the easiest thing. It hurts a lot and it's scary.

All the paperwork and then things like: should I master another language? New cards in the bank? household stuff? leasing. What? Will I buy or rent a car? Who can I talk to?

It is tough and it is not like they (or even me) show on instagram, it is not for everybody but if you adapt yourself it will worth every single tear and hustle.

If you always wanted to move to another city, state or country, go ahead, if you work in digital economy it will be easier for you.

Apply for jobs on Linkedin, or do freelance en upwork, workana etc...

Before leaving here are some tips:

  • Sell as much of your stuffs as you can before leaving,(that extra money would help you a lot outside believe me). List things on facebook marketplace or other platforms.
  • keep your personal documents in a safe place and always keep and eye on it.
  • Fly light, sometimes we wanna keep everything with us but in the end we struggle.
  • Join communities or groups of activities that you enjoy, based in the new place where you are going.

If you struggle with the new language, calm down, breathe and make mistakes, laugh at yourself and learn. You will eventually get it. Trust me.

So once this pandemic is over I encourage you to think about it.

It is an experience that everybody has to at least try once. It would let you grow in different ways that you can even imagine.